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Fresh Jumbe Mkuu – A Tanzanian Singer Songwriter Producer who’s doing his Music business in Tokyo Japan. You can see full Fresh Jumbe’s Profile Here. Book Fresh Jumbe and The Tanzanites Band to Perform for your Event now by Clicking HERE. All kind of event… indoor Concerts, Festivals and any other kind of Event which needs Modern African Music/African Pops LIVE. You can also buy Fresh Jumbe’s music by Clicking HERE. Click HERE to watch all Fresh Jumbe’s Music and other event’s videos. To get Recording Booking in his Tokyo Studio, click Here. Book for your Song’s Recording and Mastering, Video Recording and Editing… Pre & Post Production, we do them all. Click HERE to get in touch.

Buy Fresh Jumbe’s Music… Here you will be able to buy all Fresh Jumbe’s music. Albums like Penzi ni kikohozi and Wema. You can also buy any single song you like. You can buy them From any Music Platform which is Convenient for you. Fresh Jumbe’s Music are everywhere all over the world. You can get them from Apple Music, I tunes Music, Amazon, Spotify, Audiomack and more other places.

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Play Lists 1~8

I'm proud of what I've done with all these Bands and Artists in Tanzania, Kenya and Japan since I started Music before I moved to Japan. Please checkout the playlist below

  1. Dar International with Marijani Rajab and others
  2. Juwata Jazz Msondo Ngoma with TX Moshi William, Suleiman Mbwembwe, Kassim Mponda, Said Mabera, Joseph Lusungu and others
  3. DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra with Cosmass Chidumule, Benno Villa, Francis Lubua, Hamisi Juma (Maalim Kinyasi) Max Bushoke and others
  4. Orch. Safari Sound with Muhidin Maalim Gurumo, Skassy Kasambula, Tchibanda Sony, Vicky, Kassim Rashid (Kizunga), Charles Ngosha and others
  5. Bicco Stars with Ramadhani Kinguti, Mafumu Bilal (Bombenga), Asumani Cholilo, Aimalambutu Symaro, Zahoro Bangwe, Asia Daruwesh (Super Mama) and others
  6. Bima Lee with Gerry Nashon, Athumani Manytcho and others
  7. Angusha Band with Frantal Tabbu, Nsilu Wabansilu Manytcho, Kelly Chome, Kapella and Maneno Shabani
  8. Dar Commandors with Max Bushoke, Julius Mzeru, Michael Bilal, Huruka Uvuruge, Shani Lendy, Abbu Omar, Mohammed Mbale and Ramadhani Athuman